Why AL-Hafeez Academy?

Hafeez Educational and Charitable Trust was founded in year 2008 with the objective to upgrade the educational requirement & social up liftment works for the up gradation of minorities.

Utter Pradesh, India has the largest part of Muslim population & particularly western UP has maximum part of that. In western UP, Sahaswan is a Tehseel of District Badaun surrounded by Bareilly, Moradabad, and Bulandshahar & Aligarh. The distance from each of above is almost 100 Km.

The Purpose of Education

According to educationists, education has these purposes.
“Education aims to create an ideal human being.” (Paine)

“The purpose of education is to attain happiness through
virtue.” (Aristotle)

“Education is a process affecting man’s whole life.”

“Education is about development of consciousness and
will…” (Davidson)

“Education is an art to build humans, not experts.”

“As a sculptor needs a piece of marble, so the soul needs
knowledge.” (Edison)

“The purpose of education is to enable a person to lead a fair,
sincere and unblemished life.” (Doebele)

About the school

Al-Hafeez Educational Academy, an unaided Minority Institution, was
established by Hafeez Educational society with a purpose of producing
excellent human beings with excellent academic knowledge clubbed with
our cultural and religious knowledge.

The School is located on the (highway SR-18) Babrala Road, Sahaswan
Distt. Budaun, U.P. Our primary aim has been to impart modern education
and to incorporate nationalistic thinking based on Indian culture. There has
been a conscious effort to bring our children close to diverse Indian culture
through various activities, which enable them to appreciate and respect
Indian culture as a whole and take pride in calling themselves a true muslim
and a proud Indian.

Our aim is to inculcate a strong sense of responsibility, both physical and
moral, in order to build a value based system through quality education,
whereby our students would feel confident in facing the complexities of the
world which is fast shrinking to a small village due to the rapid globalisation.
With a view to inculcate a strong bond between culture, religion and values of
st life we made computer education mandatory for all classes from I std. itself.
Al-Hafeez Educational Academy Encourages girl students for admission.
The school is fully equipped with all necessary infrastructure required for a
st modern school. Computer Education is compulsory from class I onwards. It
is a must for all the faculty members to be computer and Internet savvy.


We see ourselves as a desired provider of schooling in the community which would enable young generation to be an obedient servant of God and a well-wisher of the humanity..

Aims & Objectives

The institution aims to provide value based education with a vision to enable young generation to be a servant of GOD, a well wisher of humanity along with their character building and personality development. Our mission is to impart most modern and concept oriented education to produce best citizens with strong moral base.

The institution strives to promote quality education, cultivate creativity and artistic awareness and develop great sporting values.


The highly qualified & trained staff not only implements the curriculum but
also generates an enthusiasm for inquisitive & exotic. The teachers are live
with in the proximity of Academy and are totally involved in the lives of the
children‘s academic, extra and co – curricular activities and interaction with
the children at every step to guide them to right path, to make them successful.
The faculty organized by MESCO – Hyderabad who works with children to
discover and nourish their core strength with excellent environment, green
lawns, fresh air, modern thought and well experienced teachers.